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Absolutely, not all candles are created equal! There's a whole world of difference when it comes to candle making, and we're here to shed some light on it.

Ever heard of a wick block? Many big-name candle brands use them in their mass production process. Essentially, instead of carefully placing and centering the wick by hand, a wick encased in unscented wax is dropped into the glass as it passes down a conveyor belt. Quick? Yes. Precise? Not quite. This often results in uneven fragrance distribution throughout the wax.

Then there's the double pour technique. Sneaky, right? The first half of the candle wax is poured with less fragrance oil, and then the remaining wax gets the full treatment. That strong scent you notice in the store? It might not stick around once you've burned it halfway through.

At FOX & WOLF, we do things differently. No wick blocks, no double pouring. Our candles are hand-wicked and hand-poured with care, ensuring maximum fragrance from start to finish. We use top-notch ingredients, avoiding colorings and paraffin altogether. Plus, we're proudly cruelty-free and vegan.

Our journey started small, making just a handful of candles a week. Now, we craft hundreds, but our commitment to quality remains unwavering. From fragrance conception to shelf debut, it's a meticulous process that takes around two months of rigorous testing.

When you choose FOX & WOLF, you're choosing quality, craftsmanship, and a dedication to doing things the right way. Thank you for supporting artisanal, cruelty-free products that make your home smell amazing without compromising on ethics.

Remember, not all candles are equal. Ours? They're downright amazing and our customers LOVE them! ❤️

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