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In a world where veganism is on the rise, have you ever stopped to wonder if your candles align with your compassionate lifestyle? It's time to shed some light on the surprising truth about candle ingredients and why vegan candles are the way forward.

While some candle components like beeswax are obvious non-vegan culprits, others, such as stearic acid, fly under the radar. But fear not! Vegan candles are crafted from plant-based ingredients, completely free from animal-derived additives.

At FOX & WOLF, we've mastered the art of candle-making with our exclusive blend of four natural waxes, meticulously refined over five years. Say goodbye to paraffin – our candles boast longer burn times and purer scents without compromising on vegan-friendliness.

Curious about vegan candle ingredients? From soy wax to rapeseed and coconut blends, there's a world of eco-friendly options to explore. We've opted for plant-based waxes to stay true to our nature-focused ethos.

But it's not just about the wax. Our candles feature unbleached cotton wicks interwoven with linen threads, ensuring a sustainable and cruelty-free burn. And our fragrances? Whether essential or synthetic, they're always vegan-friendly, because kindness shouldn't stop at the wax.

How can you spot a vegan candle? Check the ingredients list for plant-based waxes and steer clear of additives like stearic acid. At FOX & WOLF, we've gone the extra mile to ensure our entire range is proudly vegan, from wax to wick and everything in between.

So why choose FOX & WOLF? Our commitment to veganism extends beyond our products. Our founders, Ryan Fox & Scott Wolf, live and breathe a plant-based lifestyle, driving our mission to create cruelty-free and sustainable luxury.

Join us in lighting up your space with compassion and conscience. Our candles are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and housed in widely recyclable glass. Plus, our eco-friendly packaging ensures your purchase arrives safely, guilt-free.

When you choose FOX & WOLF, you're not just supporting a small, independent business – you're championing a sustainable, eco-conscious future. Have questions? Reach out to us anytime. Together, let's illuminate the world, one vegan candle at a time. 🌱✨

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